Carolus Sigonius (Modena, c. 1524 - Ponte Basso, Modena,1584). Historiarum de Regno Italiae, Libri Quindecim. Francoforti ad Moenvm: Ex officina Typographica And. Wecheli, 1575.

Sigonio studied in Bolognia and Pavia and was later a professor at Pavia, Venice, Padua, Bologna and Modena. His main work was a history of Italy, De regno Italiae libri XX (1574), which was "written with impeccable scholarship and in excellent Latin, spoke much of the love of liberty. Its message was, however, disconcerting for those who glorified the Italian past: the Lombard catastrophe had created the Kingdom of Italy and the collapse of Hohenstaufen rule had ended it; and throughout its existence it had failed to provide security and peace to its inhabitants. Contemporary Italians could be proud of their past without striving to have it restored" (Breisach 159).

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