Tacitus (ca. AD 55 - ca. 117). Las Obras. Translated from the Latin by Emanuel Sueyro. Madrid: La viuda de Alonso Martin, 1614.

The Spanish translation of Tacitus' work, entitled Tacito español, ilustrado con aphorismos, by Baltasar Alamos de Barrientos, with aphorisms and commentaries, was first printed in Madrid by Luis Sánchez (1614). The Durand Collection holds this edition, considered a good and complete translation, as well as a later copy printed in Anvers (Pedro y Iuan Bellero, 1619).

Antonio de Herrera published his translation of the first five books, Los cinco primeros libros de los Annales, in Madrid (Juan de la Cuesta, 1615); and Carlos Coloma his of the Annales and History under the title Obras de Caio Cornelio Tacito, printed in Duay: Marcos Wyon, 1626.

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