Joannes de Mariana. De Rege et Regis Institutione. Toleti: Apud Petrum Rodericum, 1599.

Juan de Mariana was a Spanish Jesuit, historian and philosopher as well as author of the Historiae de rebus Hispaniae (1592), a history of Spain that combines legend, anecdote and history. Father Mariana taught Theology in Rome, Sicily and Paris. In his controversial book De rege et regis institutione ("The king and the education of the king") he argued that if the king does not follow religion and civil law it is justifiable to overthrow him. Like Fox Morcillo he discusses the philosophy of kingship but whereas Morcillo based his discussions on the ancients (especially Plato and Aristotle) Mariana relied on the Bible and church doctrine. Both volumes discuss the difference between a true king and a tyrant. The volume on display is the first edition of De Rege.

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