Jerónimo Roman y Zamora. Las Republicas del Mundo. 2 vols. [Medina del Campo]: Francisco del Canto, 1575.

Roman y Zamora was a Spanish Augustinian historian who influenced Inca Garcilaso's notion of a universal history. Unfortunately he is frequently neglected in modern historiography. In this work Roman y Zamora quoted long sections from the manuscript of father Las Casas's unpublished Apologetica regarding the defense of the American Indians and the pacific conquest. Although the Apologetica was not published until three centuries later, nevertheless Las Casas was known indirectly during these centuries through Las Republicas.

The Durand Collection has various copies of the first edition (1575) and second expanded edition of 1595 of Roman y Zamora's work, all of which were heavily censured by the Inquisition. The opening shows several lines on the Arian Heresy that have been censured as well as a marginal annotation on Martin Luther.

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