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Epistolae Pauli et aliorum Apostolorum ad Graecam veritatem castigate, et per reverendissimum dominum dominum Thomam de Vio, Caietanum, Cardinalem sancti Xisti, iuxta sensum literalem enarratae (Paris: Iehan Petit II, 1540) .

Tommaso de Vio, O.P. (1469-1534) was the most renowned Dominican theologian and philosopher in the sixteenth century. As Master General of the Order (1508-18), he adjudicated the dispute among the friars concerning the cult of Savonarola. In 1518, he was sent as Papal Legate to Germany to interrogate Martin Luther. An intrepid opponent of the philosophical followers of John Duns Scotus, Cajetan is best known as an interpreter of the work of Thomas Aquinas (see catalogue n° 63 and n° 67).

Modern Thomists either praise Cajetan for having discovered the "pure philosophy" in Thomas's mind, or blame him for disfiguring the "authentic" meaning of Thomas's writings. It may also surprise some that Cajetan commented upon sacred Scripture. This volume, published by Iehan Petit II, contains Cajetan's literal commentary on the Epistles of Paul. The title page displays the glory of the Petit family's printing lineage (see catalogue n° 19, n° 59, and n° 61).

References: Adams 1: 223 no 151; IA 3/3: 423.

Catalogue No. 49
Call Number: Rare Books BS 2635 .V795
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