Martin de Roa. Singularium locorum, ac rerum, libri V. Cordvbae: Andreae Barrera, 1600. [2nd part at Cordvbae: Apud Franciscum de Cea, 1600].

Roa was a Spanish Jesuit, historian and exegete. He was a professor of Grammar, Humanities and Rhetoric and later chair of Sacred Scriptures in Cordoba. He published several works on grammar, local history and the antiquities of Málaga and Écija in Spain.

The Durand Collection holds the first edition of the Singularium, a religious book about important quotations in the Scriptures and in profane letters. It is bound with the De die natali sacro, printed in the same year by Francisco de Cea. The De die natali is actually book 6 of the Singularum.

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