Ioannes Baptista Villalpandus and Hieronymus Pradus. In Ezechielem Explanationes. 3 vols. Roma: Carolus Vulliettus, 1596-1604.

Villalpando was a Spanish Jesuit and scholar of the Scriptures. After teaching Grammar, Philosophy and Mathematics, he joined father Jerónimo Prado in writing a commentary on the book of Ezekiel in which they calculated the size of the Temple of Solomon.

Prado, a Spanish Jesuit and exegete, held the chair of Sacred Scriptures in Córdoba, where he had notable students, such as Martin de Roa and Juan de Pineda. He worked for many years with Villalpando, and died in Rome before finishing their co-authored commentary. Villalpando concluded the work which was published in three volumes from 1596 to 1604. On display is the first edition.

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